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Ethiopian Embassy showcases country’s culture and tourist attractions at Kuwait Fall Festival 2019

05 Dec 2019 Print this page

The Embassy of Ethiopia to Kuwait showcased the country’s rich culture and tourist attractions during their participation at the Kuwait Fall Festival 2019, held at Yarmouk Cultural Center on 29 November.

At the event, the Ethiopian pavilion attracted many visitors. The Embassy showcased a variety of traditional costumes, aspects of the country’s historical and religious heritage, natural and cultural tourist attractions, as well as Ethiopia’s unique Coffee Ceremony. An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony is much more than sipping a cup of Joe. It’s an important cultural ritual that has been passed from generation to generation in the country known as the birth place of coffee.

Coffee originated in Ethiopia and is very important in the way of lives of Ethiopians. The beverage is honoured with its own ceremony, often performed with gentle grace and charm in a home after a delicious Ethiopian meal. It’s the charm of Ethiopia that is most amusing. Everyone who spends time here absorbing the ‘feel’ of the country and its people wants to return again. This traditional coffee ceremony has also attracted a lot of attention in addition to its history as the haven of the First Hijra – an African nation for Islam’s first refuge.

At the event, historical manifestations of the country’s ancient civilizations, historical and cultural heritages, artistic works, values of tolerance and co-existence were outlined to more than 500 participants.